Shining Our Lights Wherever We Go


J-SQUAD stands for Jesus’ Squad. J-Squad is a small group for girls ages 9 – 14. The mission of J-Squad is to give young girls a safe Christ-centered environment where they can

  • LEARN about God,
  • DEVELOP healthy relationships,
  • SHOW the love of Christ, and
  • LIVE a full life of purpose.

J-Squad will embark on many local mission trips, events, summer camps, and retreats all geared towards learning, developing, showing, and living a full life of purpose by honoring God first. Learning to serve and outreach our community and the next generation will teach the girls important leadership and decision making skills. J-Squad will meet twice a month during the school calendar year. If you are interested in joining J-Squad fill out a sign-up form below. If you are a parent who is interested in volunteering contact us


“J-Squad” Lafayette, La

  “J-Squad” Davenport, Fl

First meeting will be Saturday, Feb. 1, 2020 at 10a to 12p at the Lafayette Downtown Library 2nd floor Conference Room