J.C. Book Club

Join the JC Book Club as we embark on a journey of reading 12 chapter books in one year. We will read one book a month. These books will be geared towards topics pre teen girls can relate too and hopefully be able to take future AR test on each book depending on the school your child attends. Each book of the month will be shared on this page and in the J.C. Newsletter. Don’t forget to subscribe to our monthly newsletter to stay updated on events and upcoming books. SUBSCRIBE HERE. If you have not read, The Talk I Never Had for girls, grab that book from our store as well.

Once you join the book club, you have the option of joining us live on zoom twice a month for mother/daughter book talk. During this time, we will share a quick devotional led by J.C., demonstrate a quick DIY, share a quick snack and discuss the first half of each book.

May 2020 the book of the month is: Wish by Barbara O’Connor. Grab your book from a retailer of your choice and join the J.C. Book Club below.

Together we will dive into the juicy details of each book. Reading is fun at any level; we believe reading is knowledge and knowledge is power! Join the JC Book Club today! SIGN UP BELOW